. . . if you get far enough away, you’ll be on your way back home.

~T Waits

One of my earliest memories is of trees towering above, branches swaying, leaves rustling in the breeze. I often wonder:
What did my young mind see?

My motivation towards art making evolved after studying at university and time spent living in other countries. It took me years to understand the connection between my fascination with natural forms and my growing up on our family farm. The long walks through fields and forests allowed me freedom to explore and dream.  

I am drawn to the abundant variations found in nature – wild, fragile and majestic beauty. Animal, tree, water and earth, my aim is to discover a new way to view a very old subject. I have an insatiable hunger to create – no sooner than I start with one idea when my mind meanders somewhere else. I sculpt, scrape and splatter paint in search of new colour harmonies and mark making. Textural layers reveal aspects of the original source.

Often I am asked how long it takes me to paint a composition; a painting is the sum total of all my experiences in life and art making. All my paintings prior brought me here.